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Webinar: Developing a Medical Ethics Reasoning Skills Course

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December 2022 | 2023 | Communication | EALTHY Blog | Webinar

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We’re delighted to welcome Alan Simpson to present a webinar on the fascinating topic of developing a medical ethics reasoning skills course. Alan was a speaker at the 5th English for Healthcare Conference where he gave a hugely interesting and thought-provoking presentation on teaching medical ethics to his students.

The course he developed tackled some big questions and was designed to really engage his students in thinking about what they were studying. The course covers the historical development of ethical reasoning, including moral rules, ethical principles, logic, and checklists to analyse cases. They focused on themes and cases to study end-of-life, the value of life, the therapeutic relationship, culture, the start of life, genetics and human research. Can you imagine how rich and fascinating the discussions were?

His conference presentation was so popular that we asked him to develop it into a webinar. In the webinar, he will share the students’ opinions, reflections and presentations on start-of-life, therapeutic relationships, end-of-life, genetics and human research. He will also discuss the following issues:

  • Should a 60-year-old post-menopausal woman be helped to have a child using Assisted Reproductive Techniques (ARTs)? What do you think?
  • What did first-year Japanese undergraduate medical students think? And most importantly why?
  • Can the students be guided to develop their reasoning and reflective capacity to make justified conclusions?
  • Can they build up their knowledge, seek and understand different perspectives, and co-construct action plans?
  • Can we see evidence of the students’ reasoning skill development?

At the end of the webinar, you will have gained not only an expanded mind, but lots of ideas on how you can introduce medical ethics into your courses and student discussions.

Alan is from Scotland, but Japan is his home. He has an MSc in TESOL from Aston University and has taught English for Specific Purposes at a Japanese engineering company, English for Academic Purposes at a liberal arts university and English for Medical Professionals at the University of Miyazaki. His most recent field of interest is teaching medical ethics.

Is a topic of medical ethics new for you? Go to the Articles & Comment section in the Member Area where you can read and download Alan’s conference presentation.

The webinar takes place on January 27th at 10am London time.

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