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A literature Review: Teaching Medical Knowledge to Non-medical Students and Medical Translators


November 2022 | Article | EALTHY Blog | Teaching

Both groups of student translators, medical and non-medical, need to acquire a concept system of medicine and terminology, as well as be able to distinguish medical from lay terms, both in L1 and L2. But the main difference, which has an impact on the choice of teaching approach and strategies, lies in their background knowledge of biology, anatomy and physiology, including subject-matter terminology.

In this article, we present the rationales behind the choice of approaches to teaching medical knowledge and terminology to non-medical students in university ESP (English for Specific Purposes) courses of medical English. We also review a book which can be used as a source when designing the content of such a course or as self-study material for students.

Read more about differences in a range of background medical knowledge and approaches toward teaching technical knowledge and terminology.