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April 2022

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EALTHY Webinar – Tips for Teaching OET Specialist Language Courses

March 2022

Watch the recording of the "Tips for Teaching OET" Webinar in Partnership with SLC.

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How to write a successful proposal for the English for Healthcare Conference 2022 Catherine Richards Golini

February 2022 | Academic writing

Want to write a successful proposal but aren't sure where to start? Here's a short 7-step guide!

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Language matters: the use and misuse of language when talking about long-term conditions  Sarah Chapman/Cochrane UK

July 2021

This blog summarises a conversation hosted on Twitter by Cochrane UK, inviting views on the use and misuse of language when talking about long-term conditions. 

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My first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine Virginia Allum

January 2021 | Culture

Virginia Allum, EALTHY’s clinical nursing advisor and Head of Medical English for Specialist Language Courses, is a busy woman. As well as writing courses, training teachers and providing expertise and support for EALTHY and SLC, she is an item writer for the Occupational English test (OET). Remarkably, she also works part time as a Registered […]

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The Minefield of Meaning Catherine Richards

September 2020

Spoonerisms or malapropisms, commonly referred to as slips of the tongue, are a perfectly natural aspect of communication. They’re also the source of much amusement. Who doesn’t enjoy hearing lexically confused celebrities – Justin Bieber once claimed he was ‘detrimental to his own career’ – though I reserve most of my delight for the communicative […]

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Pandemic fatigue Virginia Allum

September 2020 | Culture

As we move further into the Coronavirus pandemic, I started wondering how the world’s populations felt at a similar stage of the 1918 Influenza pandemic. An article titled ‘”Destroyer and Teacher”: Managing the Masses During the 1918-1919 Influenza Pandemic’ (1) highlighted some interested social behaviours.   I recommend reading the entire article especially the epilogue which may have you shaking your […]

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The Power of Words Catherine Richards

May 2020

I suffer from selective word sensitivity syndrome, otherwise known as lexiphonia. Sufferers of the condition experience strong negative emotions for certain words – emotions that range from dislike right through to hatred. When I hear or read a word that I am sensitive to, I grimace as if in pain, I mutter something like ‘oh […]

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Resilience: whatever gets you through the night Virginia Allum

May 2020

As Covid-19 takes hold on our lives, we rely on medical professionals who continue working in a challenging environment ignoring by necessity that many health systems globally were already facing nurse shortages, an ageing workplace and a shrinking health budget. By examining previous crises such as the 1918 Influenza pandemic and the 2014-15 Ebola epidemic, […]

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