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English for Healthcare Virtual Symposium – CALL CLOSED

Friday 17 September 2021 

KEYNOTE SPEAKERS: Kevin Harvey & John Skelton 

The English for Healthcare Virtual Symposium, in common with its big sister the English for Healthcare Conference, aims to encourage an exchange of ideas to stimulate discussion and to provide a platform for the presentation of new approaches to the teaching and learning of language and communication in medicine. 

We welcome proposals that relate to classroom practice and proposals that are research-based and help to develop our understanding of how language is used for the practice of medicine and healthcare. The event attracts language teachers and communication skills trainers working with health professionals, both in training and in the workplace, and practitioners from the medical translation and interpreting field. 

Areas/Themes include but are not limited to: 

  • Content-Based and CLIL  
  • English Medium Instruction 
  • Medical Academic English 
  • Language skills in EMP (Reading, Speaking, etc.) 
  • Assessment (e.g., Occupational English Test) 
  • Technology in the English for medical purposes classroom 
  • Task-based and problem-based learning in English for medical purposes 
  • Role plays / Simulation in the English for medical purposes 
  • Corpora in English for medical purposes 
  • Discourse analysis in English for medical purposes 
  • Professional practice and discourse 
  • Communication skills training for healthcare 
  • Interpreting /translation for healthcare 
  • Medical Humanities in the English for medical purposes 


Please note that sessions are shorter than in the face-to-face English for Healthcare Conference, scheduled to be held in September 2022. 

Workshop: a practical, interactive, how-to session – 45 minutes plus 10 minutes questions. 

Practice-Oriented Presentation: focused on classroom practice – 15 minutes, plus 10 minutes questions. 

Research based Presentation: focused on completed research – 15 minutes, plus 10 minutes questions. 

Dynamic E-Poster:  Dynamic e-Poster presenters have 10 minutes to present and an additional two minutes for questions.  



  • Word doc
  • 300 words maximum (no references) 
  • Do not use any special fonts, such as bold print or caps (italics fine) 
  • Do not add tables, photos, or diagrams to your abstract 
  • Do not indent your paragraphs, leave one space between paragraphs instead 
  • Your abstract should clearly summarise the content of your session/poster 
  • Please indicate what type of session your submission is for. 

Please email your abstract to

*Please note that all presenters should be paid-up members of EALTHY when they confirm participation at the Symposium (by June 30). Individual annual membership cost €55 *