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Webinar: Developing OET Speaking Materials

EALTHY & Specialist Language Courses

April 2022 | 2022 | EALTHY Blog | OET Tips | Webinar

We’re delighted to have Alexia Sporidis give our next webinar this Friday. 

Alexia is a Medical English and OET preparation specialist with many years’ experience teaching professional and student nurses from around the world. Alexia is senior teacher at SLC, the UK’s leading provider of Nursing English services to the global healthcare sector.  

This webinar focuses on developing speaking materials, to help students communicate better with their patients and their colleagues.  

The webinar has three main sections: 

  1. Exploiting a patient information leaflet for vocabulary, collocation and role play 
  2. Giving a handover using the SBAR communication framework 
  3. Developing speaking scenarios from scratch for OET speaking role plays 

The webinar will be hands-on, providing teachers with lots of practical ideas that they can use with their students. While the focus is on nursing students, the tasks and activities will also be applicable to other healthcare students, such as medicine and pharmacy.  

The webinar is free to attend and takes place on Friday 22nd April at 10.00 UK time. 

Developing Speaking Materials for Nursing English


The recording will then be available in the EALTHY members’ section, where you will find other webinar and conference recordings, along with lesson plans and many articles. 

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