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Webinar: How Has the Language of Pharmacy Changed?

EALTHY & Specialist Language Courses

January 2023 | 2023 | Communication | EALTHY Blog | Webinar

Join us for this month’s EALTHY webinar in which Virginia Allum will be in conversation with Katie Booth, a Primary Care Clinical Pharmacist in Scotland. Virginia and Katie will be discussing the language used in pharmacy and how it has changed recently. Virginia and Katie will talk about the language pharmacists use to talk to their patients about treatment, working collaboratively with patients and how pharmacists use language to deal with patients who are stressed or upset.

The session will provide a valuable insight for any teachers who are currently working on English for Pharmacy courses, preparing students to take OET Pharmacy or for any teachers who work in Medical English Education.


If you are not able to attend the webinar, it will be recorded and stored in the Members Area of EALTHY along with the other webinar recordings from this series. This series is already becoming an essential resource for English for Healthcare teachers.

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