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EALTHY and SLC | OET Issues and how to solve them

specialist language courses

July 2022 | webinar |

EALTHY is delighted to offer the next in our series of free professional development webinars on all things Medical English. This session, coming on Friday 22nd July at 10.00 UK time, is aimed at teachers who are preparing or aiming to prepare students for OET, the Occupational English Test.

OET has grown significantly in popularity as it has become recognised by healthcare regulators and governments around the world, including the US, UK, Australia, Canada and Ireland. Here organisations use OET to assess the ability of overseas-trained healthcare professionals to give safe and effective care in English.

However, even though the numbers studying for OET have grown quickly, there is still a lack of materials and knowhow around the test, both for teachers and their students. While this is changing as Cambridge University Press, as well as specialist publishers such as Express Publishing and SLC, have recently published courses. There is still nothing like the material available for IELTS, for example.

In this webinar, OET teacher and author Tom Fassnidge looks at how to deal with a number of common issues facing OET teachers. These include initial level testing, developing courses which take students to the level they need to achieve, and how to best use learners’ clinical skills and experience to support their classroom learning.

Throughout the session, Tom will share classroom tips and techniques to help teachers get the best out of their students. It’s a must-attend session for any academic manager or teacher getting to grips with preparing healthcare professionals for OET.

Tom is the perfect presenter for this webinar. He wrote OET Reading & Listening Skills Builder, published by Express in 2020 and endorsed by OET. He is also a highly experienced OET teacher, having taught thousands of hours of OET preparation courses to groups of nurses and doctors, including for the National Health Service in the UK, SLC, and international refugee organisations such as RefuAid.



If you are not able to attend the webinar, it will be recorded and stored in the Members Area of EALTHY along with the other webinar recordings from this series. This series is already becoming an essential resource for English for Healthcare teachers.

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