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EALTHY Magazine - Dec 2018

Celebrating another year on the merry-go-round of EMP training including:

  • Our new General Secretary
  • 5 Qs for Tim McNamara
  • Sharing OET experiences
  • 2018 International Language Olympiad

Musings on Medical Migration & Business Cultural Training Dr Stephen Nickless

December 2018 | Features

Stephen Nickless considers the value of business cultural training within the context of patient communications in London. London’s ‘multi-everything’ diversity can be overwhelming. Some incoming health professionals will have trained in ‘monocultural’ regional centres and rural areas where almost everyone looked the same, dressed the same, spoke the same language and worshipped the same god. […]

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Refugee Doctors & the Impact of OET Louise Lemoine

December 2018 | OET

Getting to grips with life in the UK for refugee doctors often entails going back into the classroom. Louise Lemoine, a retired medical professional, explains how switching to preparing the OET has given her classes an unexpected boost. I had sat in this room at the Refugee Council with my students on so many occasions […]

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Straight Talk About OET Preparation Alecia Banfield

December 2018 | OET

As part of our series into trainer experience of the OET, one of EALTHY’s newest members, Alecia Banfield shares her thoughts and advice. Alecia comes from a fairly unique position. Not only is she a medical professional, she is also one of the few officially accredited OET trainers. New playing field The OET was developed […]

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