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We facilitate a number of healthcare language events and workshops across Europe. EALTHY half-day and day workshops are free to members, while discounted entry is offered for members to shared events and to the bi-annual English for Healthcare Conference. Our workshops and symposiums are an important means of offering tailored professional development to our members and to the wider language in healthcare community.


ealthy events & workshops

An Introduction to Medical Humanities In partnership with SLC

Jonathan McFarland currently works as Associate Professor in the Faculty of Medicine at Universidad Autonoma de Madrid and as Senior Lecturer at the Institute of Linguistics, I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University. With a background in the Humanities - more than 20 years been working in the field of Medical English, he is a member of AMEE ( Association Medical Education Europe ), as well as being a member of the Moscow Office Committee, and ASME ( Association for the Study of Medical Education). He is also a Committee member of EUNAMES ( European Narrative Medicine Society) and has just made a member of ASOMEGA ( Association of Galician Doctors). He is the lay member for COMETA ( Ethics Committee for Primary Health Care for Mallorca) He is the President of The Doctor as a Humanist, which is an International organization of students, scholars, educators and practitioners dedicated to the study, preservation and promotion of the humanities and humanism in medicine and heal.  

Cognitive-linguistic difficulties in adults with Long COVID In partnership with SLC

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a disproportionate impact on health workers, with the World Health Organization reporting some 115,500 deaths in health and care workers between January 2020 and May 2021 (WHO, 20021). Even in those health workers who do not develop serious disease, there is a high prevalence of the Long COVID syndrome which has implications for return to work and performance of occupational duties (Gaber et al., 2021). Cognitive-linguistic difficulties referred to as “brain fog” are a prominent feature of the Long COVID syndrome, and often persist in sufferers long after physical symptoms have resolved (Cummings, 2021). This talk examines the nature of these difficulties by examining language data from 92 adults with the Long COVID syndrome. One third of these adults are health and care workers who contracted SARS-CoV-2 through occupational exposure. These adults reported significant problems with cognition and language following acute COVID illness, with many unable to return to work (Cummings, 2022). The talk explores their self-reported cognitive-linguistic difficulties and relates them to problems with verbal recall, verbal fluency, and informativeness during discourse production.  

Conference Dinner

For those attending this year's 5th English for Healthcare Conference, an optional exclusive dinner service has been arranged at the Ceger café in Belgrade. The restaurant is located in the immediate vicinity of the St. Sava's Temple and the National Library and it takes 9 minutes on foot to get there from the conference venue (8, Dr Subotica Street). The restaurant extends on two levels and it has a large garden with the view of the Temple. It is a popular and cosy place with excellent food and good service. Dinner is scheduled for 19.30 following the conclusion of the conference and consists of three courses and includes a drink. Vegetarian options are available. For more information including the menu visit the conference website. All registered participants can buy the dinner by September 1 .

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Eaquals International Conference 2022 28th to 30th April

Eaquals is one of the world’s leading language education accreditation bodies. The Eaquals Annual International conference is open to all, both members and non-members, and provides a rich programme of professional development for centre owners, directors, academic managers, teacher trainers as well as researchers and teachers alike. It takes place in Venice from 28th to 30th April. Full details here.

IATEFL International Conference 2022 17th to 20th May

IATEFL is one of the largest and most international English teaching associations in the world. Its annual conference and exhibition is attended by 3,000 ELT professionals from more than 100 countries, it involves a four-day programme with an array of talks, workshops and forums as well as a vibrant social programme. It is a unique opportunity to meet leading trainers, theorists, practising teachers, materials writers and publishers, and exchange ideas with fellow professionals from all sectors of English language teaching and learning. It takes place in Belfast from 17th to 20th May. Full details here.

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