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International Translation Day, 30th September


September 2023 | EALTHY Blog | Events | Translation and Interpreting

Words connect people, translators and interpreters connect nations. By adopting Resolution 71/288 in 2017, the United Nations General Assembly together with the International Federation of Translators (FIT) made 30th September as a day to recognise the importance of professional translators and interpreters, the role of professional translation in connecting nations, and how they foster peace, understanding and development. This day aims to promote the profession, recognize its importance globally and appreciate translator´s and interpreters´ contribution to arts and science.

The history of 30th September

St. Jerome, Latin in full Eusebius Hieronymus, was a priest whose influence has been far-reaching on the early Middle Ages. He translated the Bible and other related works from Greek and Hebrew into Latin. In 406, he completed his translation of the Bible into Latin, including his own translation of the Old Testament from Hebrew; Jerome’s Latin Bible is known as the Vulgate.

He was known as the most learned of the Latin Father, a scholar rather than a deep thinker, a sound traditionalist and not a speculative theologian, more competent as an editor than as an exegete. In the art of the Renaissance, he was frequently depicted dressed in the robes of a cardinal, a reflection of his stature as a model humanist.

For his significant, numerous biblical works, he is considered to be the Patron Saint of translators. The day of his death (30th September 420) was therefore chosen to celebrate the profession every year.

The events celebrating International Translation Day 2023

Translation unveils the many faces of humanity” is the theme nominated by the FIT Council for celebrating International Translation Day 2023. The goal this year is to emphasize the important role that translation plays in our everyday life and foster peace and humanity. Check the website of your national association for translators and interpreters, websites of other institutions, and social media pages and groups to learn more about the events celebrating this day in your country.

At the international level, the world-wide popular platform, which connects freelance translators and interpreters with language service providers, fosters collaboration and networking, supports continuous professional development and provides various tools to the members, celebrates this day every year by hosting a series of online presentations and plenaries discussing the hot topics, business practices, and growing trends in the industry. “A transformative leap: language professionals at the crossroads of tradition and innovation” is the theme of the 15th Annual International Day Conference, 2023. The online event will happen on 28th – 29th September and is free for everyone; you just need to register.