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New course! Writing for Publication

EALTHY & Specialist Language Courses

July 2023 | 2023 | Academic English | Course | EALTHY Blog | Events | Webinar

We’re delighted to announce the release of our new course, Writing for Publication.


We know how important it is for researchers and academics to be able to submit articles in English in order to get published in international journals. This topic was highlighted recently by Csilla Keresztes when she presented her research in her EALTHY webinar in March, Publish Medical Research Results in English or Perish.

The challenges she touched on, such as choice of language, use of terminology, and how to ‘hedge’, are all covered in the course. However, Writing for Publication not only analyses the language that research articles should use, but also focuses on the most effective research design structure and conventions to follow.

The 30-hour course therefore gives a comprehensive guide to anyone wanting to develop their ability to write and submit articles in English. It breaks down the writing and publishing process into easily digestible sections on key topics such as the IMRAD convention, the CONSORT statement, and how to submit successfully. There are references and links to example articles throughout.

The course was written by EALTHY President, Emeritus Professor at the Institute of Clinical Science at the University of Birmingham, John Skelton. John’s intelligence, approachability and wry humour – familiar to those who have seen him speak at previous EALTHY conferences – shines through the course. John has deep expertise in the subject, having published widely and taught Writing for Publication courses to students in many parts of the world.

The course is designed for both researchers and students and the lecturers and teachers working with them. The teaching platform enables the latter to work collaboratively with their students, track their progress, set assignments, leave feedback and use the tasks in their programmes. It works seamlessly on PC, tablet and mobile phones.

For more information, go to the Professional Development page on the EALTHY website. You can also watch the webinar recording based on this course and read the webinar summary.

Get in touch for more information (email to if you want to use the course with your students at your university or college, we provide a branded teaching platform, comprehensive academic and technical support, and discounted prices.