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August 2023 | Blog | News

Lesson Plans

  • B2: Post-operative handover, Using respectful language with patients, Palliative care, Dysphagia
  • B1: Post-operative care

Activities & Worksheets

  • 30-minute Worksheet – B2: Tooth abscess, Porphyria,
  • 30-minute Worksheet – B1: Generic and brand name medication, Accidental exposure to blood, Fear of needles
  • Crossword:¬†Colours,¬†APGAR

Articles & Comments

  • Webinar Summary: Writing for Publication in English (John Skelton)
  • Webinar Summary: An Urgent Need for Teaching Medical Humanities (Jonathan McFarland)
  • ChatGPT: a Helper or an Easy Way Out of Using Cognitive Skills?
  • A Literature Review: Teaching Medical Knowledge to Non-medical Students and Medical Translators


  • How Much Medical Knowledge Translators Need to Acquire?
  • Teaching Empathy as a Part of Good Clinical Practice
  • Clinical Case Presentations in Non-Anglophone Medical Milieus – How do they work?