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More or less everyone who works in academic life around the world is under pressure to publish, and if possible, to publish in international journals. And this, of course, means publishing in English. 

  There are two main barriers – a lack of training in research design and English language ability. A lack of training may mean poor training in statistics, but also an inability to identify worthwhile projects which can be done cheaply, where funding for research is limited.  

 In this webinar, John will touch briefly on the first issue of identifying projects within one’s own competence. He will then demonstrate a simple way of teaching e.g. healthcare students the language and structure they need to write up research effectively and in good English. 

  The webinar is based partly on the on-line course -Writing for Publication, which John wrote for Ealthy and Specialist Language Courses, to help academics in healthcare, particularly doctors. In this session, he hopes to offer advice to individuals on publishing in ELT/Applied Linguistics and look at the relevant issues in this context, and offer suggestions on designing projects, and the language and structure of qualitative work.