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EALTHY Magazine - Features

How do you think they feel? The value of simulated patient in training healthcare professionals Katharine Heathcock

July 2019 | Features

Katherine Heathcock of Birmingham University Medical School talks about the importance of using simulated patients to train medical students, a tool that gives students a unique insight into their own communication, character and consultation style. In October 2002, my partner at the time had been riding a bicycle through the streets of Singapore, scouting the […]

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Musings on Medical Migration & Business Cultural Training Dr Stephen Nickless

December 2018 | Features

Stephen Nickless considers the value of business cultural training within the context of patient communications in London. London’s ‘multi-everything’ diversity can be overwhelming. Some incoming health professionals will have trained in ‘monocultural’ regional centres and rural areas where almost everyone looked the same, dressed the same, spoke the same language and worshipped the same god. […]

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