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The 5th Birthday of the English for Healthcare Conference


October 2022 | 5/2022 | Conference | EALTHY Blog

The location of Belgrade for the 5th conference could not have been better chosen for the EALTHY´s birthday party. Serbians are great hosts! They chose a great venue and restaurants, with great buffet lunches. Not even the rainy weather and risky events in the centre of the city could dampen our spirits.

We were delighted to see that the conference was worth the effort of travelling to Belgrade for participants not only from all around Europe but also from Japan and Australia.

The 5th year of this event has proved that our initial intention of filling the gap with practically-oriented events for teachers of medical English has lived up to expectations. For EALTHY as an association, reaching this milestone means a new challenge. Louise Atkinson in her opening speech outlined this new direction:

“EALTHY is now moving into a new era under the management Specialist Language Courses and its director Chris Moore. You will notice the website has been evolving over the last few months. Chris and his team at SLC have been supporting EALTHY to grow and we are grateful for their hard work and belief in the importance of our Association. The ethos of EALTHY still remains the same, meeting your needs as English for healthcare teachers. We are embarking on a new path and are excited to have you all along with us.”

The entire EALTHY and SLC team was amazed by the enthusiasm and eagerness of some participants to find out where the next conference will be held and whether it will be in one- or two-years time. Thank you very much for your interest! We are excited to see you soon at the next conference!