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Webinar: Teaching Grammar in Medical English

EALTHY & Specialist Language Courses

May 2022 | 2022 | Communication | EALTHY Blog | Webinar

We’re delighted to welcome pre-eminent Medical English writer and speaker, Ros Wright, to the EALTHY webinar series. Ros will be presenting on the place of grammar in the teaching of English for Healthcare, ‘Creating Fuzziness: Filling the Accuracy Gap in English for Healthcare’.

Ros is well known for her many publications used by medical universities, nursing colleges, OET preparation providers and teachers around the world. Her books include Good Practice (CUP), English for Nursing 1 & 2 (Pearson Longman) and OET Speaking & Writing Skills Builder (Express).

Ros recently wrote two Grammar for Healthcare courses for SLC, one at a lower level (A2-B1) and another at a higher level (B2-C1). The courses focus on how grammar is used in a healthcare context. They use authentic video, a wide range of inputs and activities, with downloadable resources throughout. In both courses, students learn a comprehensive set of grammatical structures and functions and practice using them in dialogues and written communication.

In this webinar, Ros looks at how grammar often takes second place to communicative fluency, even though this may mean a compromise on the accuracy of that communication. However, speaking and writing correctly is also essential to effective communication. Using the correct tense, modal verb or question form really matters, especially in high stakes situations such as explaining a diagnosis, taking a history, or dealing with upset patients.

Ros will then look at creative ways to ensure grammar takes a more prominent role in a way that is motivating and engaging for learner and trainer alike. The webinar promises to be both insightful and impactful. It takes place on Friday 27th May at 10.00am UK time. Register your attendance now.



After the webinar, the recording will be kept in the EALTHY members resource section. Here you will find the other webinar recordings, as well as a growing number of lesson plans, articles, research, conference videos, access to journals and discounts for publications and courses. All this is available for EALTHY members for only €55 a year.