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Webinar | Preparing Students for OET and PLAB exams

EALTHY & Specialist Language Courses

April 2024 | EALTHY Blog | OET | Webinars 2024

For non-EEA doctors wanting to recertify in the UK, passing the OET is only the start of the journey: they still have to take the GMC’s PLAB exam, Part 2 of which is an OSCE-style assessment of clinical communication skills. It’s a daunting test and the average pass rate is just 66%.

To what extent do the speaking skills we teach OET candidates prepare them for the PLAB 2? As OET trainers, could we be doing more to help them bridge the gap between the two exams? Do you have unsuccessful PLAB 2 candidates asking you for help?

In this session, Richard Furn gives an overview of the PLAB for OET trainers and medical English teachers involved in OSCE-style role play work. He explains:

  • what the PLAB 2 is and how it differs from the OET;
  • how he works with candidates and what they find hard;
  • how PLAB 2 coaching has informed his OET speaking work.