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Webinar summary | Preparing Learners for the OET Reading and Listening Sub-tests


November 2023 | Articles and Comment | Discussion | EALTHY Blog | OET Preparation | Webinar summary | Webinars 2023

The webinar offered a comprehensive approach to understanding and teaching the OET Reading and Listening sub-tests, described common challenges, and recommended effective strategies and resources to help the learners improve their skills.


Joanne Bass, an OET Educator Specialist for EMEA, gave an introduction to the Occupational English Test (OET) certificate, which is used to prove sufficient level of English proficiency for overseas healthcare professionals, ranging from doctors, nurses, dentists to pharmacists and veterinary professionals, who wish to apply for a job in English-speaking countries. In total, there are 12 profession specialized tests of communication skills required for clinical practice in the UK.

She described sub-skills within each sub-test, for example, writing a letter, understanding written clinical case notes, role-playing, understanding spoken presentation and clinical consultations. She also described in more detail the three parts of the Listening and Reading sub-tests.

The webinar was not only informative, but also interactive. Joanne interviewed the webinar participants about challenges that both a teacher and a learner may encounter in terms of listening and reading skills.

Watch the webinar to find out more about:

  • The examples of the most common challenges Joanne observed in her practice
  • The strategies and solutions recommended
  • Useful websites and tools – listening and reading resources, for example, OET sample tests OET feedback forms, OET YouTube channel, Teacher handbook
  • Tips and ideas on listening and reading tasks
  • The use of the authentic materials