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Webinar Summary | Publishing Medical Research in English


April 2023 | Academic skills | Articles and Comment | Discussion | EALTHY Blog | Webinar | Webinars 2023

We were delighted that Csilla accepted our invitation to give a webinar on the fascinating topic of academic writing. All attendees found her talk extremely interesting and useful. If you missed it last Friday, check the Video section in the Member Area. In the Articles & Comment section, you will also find her conference presentation.

Csilla presented this topic at the 5th English for Healthcare Conference in September 2022 which took place Belgrade. In the webinar, she described her research into the importance of publishing medical research in English. She also suggested solutions, which could help non-native English-speaking medical scientists to improve their academic writing. In her research, she collected data via questionnaires and interviews with medical scientists, postgraduate students and former students at the University of Szeged, Hungary.

The findings showed that the most common barriers to publishing in English include the use of appropriate scientific style and terminology, word order, tenses, hedging, and distinguishing between British and American spelling. The research data was supported by a review of 60 papers on writing a research paper. Csilla compared the findings of authors from different countries all around the world, including Iceland, Spain, Italy, Serbia, Ukraine, Sudan, Korea, Sweden, Poland, Colombia, and Hungary.

At the end of her talk, Csilla suggested that researchers´ confidence and motivation to publish their research in English could be supported by offering short-term training sessions for researchers, semester courses for students, workshops, and self-study materials.