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World Psoriasis Day, 29th October


October 2023 | EALTHY Blog | Events | Healthcare around the World

World Psoriasis Day aims to raise awareness about people living with psoriatic arthritis, the impact on mental health and other aspects of daily life. Psoriasis is a systemic inflammatory disease of the skin which manifests with itchy, painful red patches on the skin, cracked skin with bleeding, and small scaly spots. When psoriasis affects the joints, it is called psoriatic arthritis (PsA).

World Psoriasis Day was established by the WHO in 2014. The colours representing the awareness are orange and lavender. The theme of World Psoriasis Day 2023 is “Access for All.” The goal is to ensure access to the right treatment at the right time to every patient.

Ideas on classroom activities and downloadable resources

  1. Test your knowledge: Pre-read the quiz questions. Then read the article and take the quiz After reading the article, learners will be able to recall key updates to the GRAPPA treatment recommendations for the management of patients with PsA
  2. Podcast: Good Care for Psoriatic Arthritis talks about new guidelines for the treatment of PsA
  3. Illustration book: Psoriatic Arthritis presenting information about the impact of PsA on mental health, intimacy and reproductive health, children behaviour
  4. Letter to a politician: a useful template for writing a letter in English or other languages
  5. Clinical communication skills: The Doctor-Patient Communication Checklist is composed of the Daily Checklist at Home, Topics of Discussion with a Dermatologist, and Doctor-Patient Communication Checklist on Appointment Day
  6. Poster: Here you can find the campaign logo 2023 and poster generator app to create a poster for the campaign in your country
  7. Information brochure for doctors and patients: Good Care for Psoriatic Arthritis provides information on new guidelines for treatment, impact of PsA on mental health and intimacy and reproductive health, recommendations for treatment
  8. Academic reading and writing: Elsevier collection of journals and research articles about dermatological conditions
  9. Additional resources:


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